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New Year Picture


Quantity: 80-100



New Year Picture is a kind of colored woodblock print which used to celebrate Chinese New Year (Spring festival).

The exhibit will introduce Chinese New Year to audience and help them to understand the custom and history of this festival. After that, the exhibit will interpret themes of New Year Picture including the Countryside life, themyths and legends and historic hero. Audience will also learn the composition and color design of New Year Picture. They can print their own New Year Picture in the exhibition.

The exhibit is suitable for the university museums, libraries and local museums for interpret Chinese culture and academic research. At the same time, this traditional Chinese artwork can also combine with contemporary art which will be match the needs of galleries and commercial space.  


Narrating the contemporary culture in New Year Picture style like use the famous hero in western culture as Menshen(threshold guardian). Show this traditional art in a new perception.

Interacting event like New Year Picture printing can encourage the participation of the audience.